Aria Global Ventures (A G V)

Partnering Progress

New Energy
Sustainable Mobility


“Partnering progress” – Our business philosophy is to align ourselves with our customers as partners to ensure our mutual success. Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers, anticipate their aspirations and respond creatively with technologically superior services. To accomplish this, we bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to the service of our customers and this is the core of our mission.

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Our ongoing commitment is to provide greater value in meeting the real needs of our customers, suppliers and communities. We want to expand our service and achieve recognition for being a leading sustainable technology company in this region. We are committed to the wellbeing of both economic and ecological systems of both humans and other living things. We envision our company to preserve, protect and ultimately enhance the living systems of this region and the planet that sustain our business and the larger human economy.

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SUSTAINABILITY. We deliver innovative sustainable solutions which are economically advantageous and up to the highest expectations of our customers and partners.
RESPONSIBILITY. We are responsible towards our natural environment.
COMMITMENT. We commit to bring the best environmentally friendly technologies and keep developing innovative energy solutions.

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About Us

Aria Global Ventures (AGV) is one of the leading companies in the area of new energy, sustainable mobility, technology and investments. The company offers innovative new discreet energy, electric vehicle lease, rail transit solutions, and actively engaged in various projects with passion to implement sustainable energy and mobility solutions.

We’ve earned the trust of some of the most respected investors and financial institutions and has cultivated a reputation for delivering best-in-class projects. Our technologies provide significant social, environmental and economic value by reducing emissions and by lowering carbon footprint.

We’ve a team with broad expertise. The experience of our talented team spans both domestic and international markets in many facets of the energy, mobility, project development and investments. This includes a deep knowledge of contract structuring and negotiations, current regulatory compliance, project development, asset operations, infrastructure finance and capital structuring.

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Who Are We

Headquartered in Singapore, Aria Global Ventures (A G V) offers revolutionary new green discreet energy and mobility innovations, environmental solutions, invest in promising technology startups, develop renewable power and sustainable mobility projects. Our management is exceptionally experienced and having extensive technical expertise and business success in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and licensing proprietary technologies.