Low-carbon Mobility

A Sustainable Future for Transport

Aria Global Venture (AGV) is a flexible and innovative player at the center of the energy transition.

Developing Sustainable Mobility, Created to Serve Local Communities, Transport Operators, Industrial and Logistic Companies in their Energy Transition

Disruptive Financing Model for Electric Trucks

AGV’s strategic alignment is to promote green initiatives in developing countries bringing in investments and technology together for maximum impact.

While EV has breached technology barriers, economic viability is still in question due to existing and ongoing investments in ICE vehicle technology, efficient hydrocarbon development etc. These barriers coupled with high upfront capital investment requirement in vehicles and allied infrastructure makes the proposition unviable.

Traditional vehicle funding mechanisms won’t add sufficient momentum to breach these barriers. An innovative financial structuring that minimizes the upfront capital structure while leveraging the cumulative benefits in savings in operating costs is required to enable meaningful EV adoption. AGV with its access to international green initiative funds is better suited to ensure success in establishing EV truck ecosystem

The 100% Battery Electric 50 Ton Truck Up to 75,000 kg GCW MAX & Up to 150 km Driving Range per Charge - Affordable, Dependable, & Environmentally Friendly. This truck utilizes battery that was purpose-built for Truck Electrification.

BYD’s proprietary iron phosphate Technology is the core of the vehicle, enabling up to 150 km driving range between charges and gradual battery degradation.

Upcoming Projects

• Medium and Small EV Pickups
• Electric Taxi Aggregation

Developing Sustainable Rail Transit Solutions

BYD rail transit solutions can effectively ease ground level traffic and provide a valuable addition to current transport networks with large, medium and micro-capacity transit modes. Entire urban transportation networks will be revitalized and run smoothly and efficiently.

Solving urban congestion and transit challenges without the significant infrastructure costs, lead time or traffic disruption caused by construction. The innovative design optimizes energy efficiency, safety, comfort and cost-effectiveness, and the sleek, modern design enhances the urban landscape.

We are aiming to implement and operate BYD SkyRail and SkyShuttle Systems . Project performance is backed and guaranteed by BYD.

SkyRail is a medium capacity monorail system running on an elevated single track system that supports, stabilizes and guides the trains. Equipped with high-efficiency backup power and the highest level of automated driving system, BYD. SkyRail optimizes Energy efficiency, safety, comfort and cost-effectiveness. Its sleek, modern design enhances the urban landscape.

Skyshuttle is a pure electric, rubber wheel tram running on an elevated track equipped with the highest level of automated driving system. The SkyShuttle is an effective complement to large cities rail networks, serving also as a primary mode of public transit for small & medium-sized cities.

Main Features are - Low construction cost , Short construction period , Easy city Integration , Energy Efficient & Sustainable