Super Nano Oil

Making an Impact in Fuel Savings

Super Nano Diesel Fuel / SN Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Combination of 70 % of Petroleum and 30 % Water. Combining Petroleum & Water Molecules Scientifically in an Equipment to produce New Hydrocarbon with Similar Properties. This groundbreaking patented process will present a major Impact in Fuel Savings with Enhanced Performance, Substantially reduce CO2 Emission and Toxic Outputs Compared to the standard Diesel, Furnace and Bunker fuel.


Low cost improvement results of combustion efficiency
Cleaner combustion, resulting in better engine performance
More than 30% reduction results on carbon dioxide emissions
Reduction and Oxidation cycle reuse of carbon dioxide gas and water gas
Complete combustion technology reduces pollutants such as black smoke and soot by 50%
Environmentally friendly new fuels, we can contribute to "carbon credits"



Water content can be adjusted from 30 to 50%.
Typical water content for transportation application is 30-35%
Product can improve the combustion efficiency by more than 50%.
PLC control, 24-hour operation
Monitoring support function with an external interface.


Super nano Diesel Fuel

Our patented process blends water & Diesel Fuel to form super Nano Diesel Fuel
Standard mix is about 30% water and 70% Diesel Fuel
Super Nano Diesel Fuel is similar in specifications and energy output as original high speed Diesel Fuel
Super Nano Diesel Fuel has better combustion than Diesel Fuel due to high oxygen content
Super Nano Diesel Fuel is about 40% less in toxic outputs compared to Diesel Fuel

Environmental Benefits

Super Nano Diesel Fuel Is About 40% Less In Toxic Outputs Compared To Diesel Fuel

A Decrease In Temperature Of The Combustion Products Leads To A Drop In NO2 Formation In Diesel Fuel Engines

Presence Of Water Reduces The Rate Of Formation Of Soot Particles And Enhances Their Burnout Characteristics By Increasing The Concentration Of Oxidation


SUPER NANO Diesel Fuel – why its superior ?

Can Be Introduced In Diesel Fuel Engine Without Engine Modification
Efficient Combustion And Better Fuel Economy
Super Nano Diesel Fuel Is Similar In Specifications And Energy Output of High Speed Diesel Fuel
Super Nano Diesel Fuel Has Better Combustion Than Diesel Fuel Due To High Oxygen Content
Micro-explosion Of Water Particles During Combustion, Helps To Improve Atomization & Mixing Of Air-fuel


  • Fully Automated Plant Within One 40 Ft Container Producing 12,50,000 Litres Of Nano Diesel Fuel Per Month
  • Fully Fitted Processing Plant – Just Need To Connect Water Pipe, Fuel Pipe, Power Line And Output To Storage Tank
  • 2-3 Days To Commission At Each Site
  • No Changes To Vehicle Engines At All , Just Fill Up Super Nano Diesel Fuel And Drive

More Info

Power required is 3 phase ( 440 V, 50 KVA, 50 Hz).  Load is about 35-40 KVA but we need the equipment (transformer) to be rated for double that capacity to ensure the safety of all our equipment.

Water Quality – Water should have less than 100 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) rating, ideally TDS rating around 50.  Water Purifier supplied with the machine .

Water consumption based on 1250 Kilo Litres  per month SN Oil production will be 30% of that quantity ie  375000 Liters  if water is supplied from an external source, this amounts to about 2 tanker loads of water every day

The system is fully automated and controlled by a PLC control panel on all aspects. It is also designed to run continuously for 24 hours per day and 29 days per month.

If all aspects like water, Diesel Fuel, power and storage for the SN Oil are adequately catered, the system is designed to run without any intervention.

Our experience is that one Supervisory or Semi-Skilled person and 2 Un-skilled persons  per shift +1 security guard to ensure protection of the facility