Electro Magnetic Induction

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The main principle underpinning the Electromagnetic Energy-Flux Reactor’s (EER) operation is Faraday’s Law of Induction which stipulates that when a coil is — or coils of wire are — exposed to varying magnetic fields, a voltage will be induced into the coils.

Similar to the principles guiding the operation of conventional generators – where a prime mover spins the rotors to produce varying magnetic fields at the stator of an alternating generator – EER simulates the same effect without the need for a rotating magnetic field, making use of electromagnetic induction feedback to contract and expand the magnetic fields in the main reactor, by making use of a network of reactors and transformers through a patented regenerative electromagnetic process.

Our EER Stationary Power Generator (EER-SPG) has minimal moving parts, do not make use of fossil fuel as input and do not emit harmful wastes or emissions to the environment. When compared to conventional power generation technologies, Sinag’s EER-SPG is able to produce electricity more efficiently.

Because of this, our technology is one of the cleanest and most efficient renewable energy technologies in the market today, and we are the most appropriate solution for the fulfilment of micro-grid and distributed generation applications.